Way, way, way too late I am posting my 2015 Soundcloud best-of. Next up in the way-too-late-departement: Revamping this site.
Texel winter

Strong second part of my Soundcloud year. Really found a lot of prime stuff and I am quite happy with this playlist. A notable rise of French artists in it which feels just right.

Hasselhoff on German TV

Germany's love affair with the one and only David Hasselhoff is well documented and often ridiculed. During the Hoff's "comeback" in the last years those jokes became more frequent and from time to time I felt the urge to push back against them.

My dashboard on d.o

Since 2012 I've tried to help out the team because it felt like a good way to give something back. I hardly find joy in coding and therefore helping with the more tedious administrative stuff seemed like a good way to have some positive impact.

This is a collection of my personal favorites of this first half-year. Two of those tracks might have been 2013 releases but they caught my attention just a couple of months ago so I cheated a bit.

Sun over Dutch Sea

After much deliberation I present my personal best-of '13 playlist. I had quite a big treasure of older tracks to unburry thanks to my very late embracing of Soundcloud but that might be reason for another playlist.


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